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Make the most of your tray ceiling

Painting Ideas for Your Tray Ceiling

Use different painting techniques to increase the dramatic effect of your tray ceiling

If you're lucky enough to have a tray ceiling in your home, why not make the most of it? With different painting techniques you can help the tray ceiling stand out from the rest of your room.

Painting your tray ceiling will increase its dramatic effect and make your room seem taller and more elegant. Here are different painting ideas for your tray ceiling, depending on your decorating style.

Paint Your Tray Ceiling in a Lighter Color Than the Room

If you like the beauty of decorating with bright colors, you're sure to love it in a room with a painted tray ceiling.

While you paint the room in orange, yellow, purple or blue, paint the tray ceiling in white. The painted tray ceiling will create the illusion of daylight, as if you have a window shining over the room.

Paint the Profile of Your Tray Ceiling Only

If you want to highlight the presence of your tray ceiling, consider painting it's profiled edge only. In other words, the top of the ceiling will remain painted in white, but the perpendicular vertical profile will be painted in a darker, dramatic shade.

So, for example, you might paint your room in sage, but paint the profiled edge of your tray ceiling in hunter green. You can then paint the top of the ceiling to match your room (i.e.: sage), or you can leave it in white. Painting your tray ceiling in this way will accentuate its rich pattern.

Paint Your Tray but Not the Ceiling

Yet another painting idea for your tray ceiling is to highlight its entire frame. In this case, you will paint the inverted step of the tray ceiling, but you will leave the top portion (the ceiling itself) in a pale shade.

This painting technique creates the illusion that your room is elegantly capped, but that the ceiling is very much higher, floating over the room like a cloud.

Paint Your Tray Ceiling in a Different Color

You can make the most of your tray ceiling by treating it as a separate part of your painted decor. Paint your walls in purple, for example, then paint the entire tray ceiling in sage.

Remember that painting the tray ceiling in a dark shade will make it seem lower, while painting it in a lighter shade than the room will make it seem higher.

Finally, if you have no tray ceiling in your home but wish to add the illusion of a profiled ceiling, consider creating a faux tray ceiling with a painting technique.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.

Paint a faux tray ceiling
My tray ceiling illusion, created with paint
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