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How to brighten a dark room
Dark Rooms
How to make a skylight cover
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Skylight Cover
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Paint your home with bold colors 
Paint Your Home
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Welcome to Inventive Home Improvement, a home website filled with imaginative home improvement projects, home decorating ideas and home organizing solutions from a very stubborn homeowner--who can't stand to leave things looking broken or ugly. 

You'll find home decorating and remodeling ideas that I used in my own home, all with an imaginative approach to problem solving. There's also some gardening ideas, home decor crafts and much more!

Best of all, because I had little money and many home remodeling projects on hand, I came up with budget home decorating ideas, affordable home improvement projects (like my fireplace makeover) and cheap home organizing solutions (like my 10 tips for organizing your garage). What could be better?

I hope you'll stay awhile and soak a little inspiration for your own home decorating and home improvement. And if you're curious, read more about my home remodeling experience (with before-and-after pictures), which inspired this home website.

Featured Home Decorating Ideas

Seashell Home Decorating Ideas
Homemade Candelabra
Make A
Stylish hallway decorating ideas
Stylish Hallway
Paint Kitchen Cabinets Yourself
Kitchen Cabinet
Blissful home aroma ideas
Blissful Home Aroma Ideas
Dining room decorating ideas
Dining Room
Paint a tray ceiling illusion
Tray Ceiling
Sheer curtain home decorating
Sheer Curtain
Alluring bedroom decorating ideas
Bedroom Ideas

Featured Decorating Crafts, Garden Ideas, Home Improvement Projects

Simple rose garden ideas
Simple Rose
Garden Ideas
Create a faux window
Create A
Faux Window
sew ottoman slipcovers
Sew Ottoman
Old fireplace makeover
Old Fireplace
Build a work table
Build A
Work Table
12 curb appeal ideas
12 Curb Appeal
clawfoot tub shower curtain
Clawfoot Tub
Shower Curtain
Refurbish old doors
Old Doors
Entryway lighting makeover
Light Makeover
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