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Home Decorating with Light:
Ideas for Brightening
A Dark Hallway
Dark hallways are a decorating problem in most homes. Long and dreary, hallways often have no window, and any light that might reach them from the front or the end of the corridor gets lost along the way. There are several simple ways to brighten a dark hallway and make it more beautiful in the process.

Brightening a Dark Hallway with No Electrical Outlet

My dark basement hallway had no electrical outlet near its end. I wanted to brighten this portion of the hallway because the garage entry door was there, the door through which we entered the house every day.

To brighten the dark hallway, I made a hole through the wall near an electrical outlet in an adjoining room. Next, I snapped the plug off my table lamp, so as to be able to pass the electrical cord through the hole in the dark corridor wall.

Finally, I installed a new plug on the wires, so I could plug the lamp into the wall socket in the adjoining room.
I placed the table lamp on a narrow glass table and hung a mirror over it to reflect the lamplight, which brightened my dark hallway even more.

Brightening a Dark Hallway with Strings of Light

A great way to brighten a dark hallway is to hang a long string of white Christmas lights from one end of the hallway (where there is an outlet) to the other end (where there is no outlet). Use a stapler to attach the string of lights along the ceiling on the right and left walls of the dark hallway.

Brightening a Dark Hallway with Rechargeable Lights

Another beautiful way to brighten a dark hallway is to display decorative rechargeable lights down its length. Install small mantle shelves on the right and left down your dark hallway and place the decorative lights there.

You can also suspend the lights on two decorative shelf brackets spaced slightly apart. You can find decorative lights in home decor store or department stores. Just make sure the batteries are rechargeable.

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