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Dining Room Wallpaper
Decorating Ideas
Dining Room Wallpaper Makeover!

When I faced the problem of decorating a stained, badly patched dining room wall, I opted for covering it with wallpaper. The photo above was my inspiration, and it soon led me to additional discoveries. I realized that I could decorate the dining room with wallpaper in unconventional ways. Here’s what I did.

Cover the Wall

For any wall that has too many imperfections or stains, wallpaper is the perfect solution. I made sure my hubby was on hand for the day, and together we measured, cut and mounted the wallpaper. I considered using cloth wallpaper (here’s my article about mounting linen wallpaper), and I even had a short dalliance with cork wallpaper, but in the end I settled for traditional style wallpaper.

Cover the Door Panels

I realized that I could make my dining room doors look more glamorous by covering the panels with the same wallpaper I used on the wall. This was easy to do, because the panels were simple rectangles. I first sanded the door panels down to create a smooth surface for the wallpaper glue. Then I glued the rectangles as I would on the wall. And Presto! The doors looked customized to match the wallpapered wall.

Accent Wall

I painted one of my dining room walls in periwinkle blue instead of wallpapering it. The blue echoed the color of the flowers in my wallpaper. This created a less busy impression, which may have resulted had I wallpapered every wall in the room.

Frame Wallpaper

To repeat the wallpaper pattern in a limited way over the accent wall, I bought cheap picture frames at a craft store. I painted the frames in the same blue as my wall. Then I painted over the blue with white. I sanded the frames down to reveal some of the blue through the white. Then, I framed wallpaper and hung it on the accent wall.

Wallpapered Recess

In a corner of the dining room I had a triangular wall chest, which I was thinking of getting rid of. Instead, I painted the chest in the same way as the picture frames, and then wallpapered the recesses to match the wall. This made the chest look like a custom fit to the dining room decor.

And that’s it! By combining other wallpapered elements with my wallpapered wall, I was able to create a classical but also whimsical dining room, which I just love.
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