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Dining Room Decorating Ideas
Primitive Dining Room Decorating Ideas
Primitive Dining room Decorating Ideas

To decorate your dining room in the primitive style, you don't have to invest a fortune. The idea is to create a soothing space that costs little and establishes a quiet harmony.

Decorate your dining room with a wing chair Decorate Your Dining Room With a Wing Chair

By covering an old wing chair with a slipcover then elevating the chair legs, I gave my dining room an elegant makeover.
Colorful tablesetting ideas Colorful Table Setting Ideas

Without crowding your table, you can fill it with color before every meal.
Create a dining nook from unwanted furniture Create a Dining Nook from Unwanted Furniture

How I created two different dining nooks, once from a picnic table and once from a garage sale table.
  Glamour Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Decorate your dining room with easy glamorous decorating ideas.
 Dining Room Wallpaper Decorating Ideas

My dining room makeover started with a wallpapered wall, but soon I was using wallpaper in unusual ways to give my dining room decorating a whimsical yet classical feel.
Paint your home with bold colors  Paint Your Home with Bold Colors

To help you decide which color atmosphere fits your decorating goals and rooms, here’s what you should consider when you paint your home with bold colors. 
How to make a Victorian Candelabra How to Make A Victorian Candelabra

How to Make a Victorian candelabra from glass beads and copper craft wire.
The Art of Choosing & Hanging Linen Wallpaper

Learn how to choose linen wallpaper (also known as cloth wallpaper or canvas wallpaper), and how to hang it for an elegant home decorating makeover.
Create dining room mirror decorations Create Dining Room Mirror Decorations

Dining Room Mirror Decorations you can make yourself.
Dining room furniture placement ideas Dining Room Furniture Placement Ideas

Decorate your dining room by changing your usual dining room furniture placement into a diagonal one.
Easiest faux painting technique Easiest Faux Painting Technique in the World

Use a sea sponge to faux paint walls, furniture, cabinets and so much more by blending three shades as you work.
Resin sculpture: dramatic decorating ideas Resin Sculpture: Dramatic Decorating Ideas

Fiberglass resin sculptures look like real marble and brass but weigh a fraction and cost far less, offering home owners a stunning, affordable way to decorate their home and garden.
Sheer curtain decorating ideas Sheer Curtain Decorating Ideas

Ideas for decorating your entire home with sheer curtains, not just your windows.
More Home Inspiration
Playful basement decorating ideas Playful Basement Decorating Ideas

Discover how playful basement decorating ideas can turn your basement into your favorite room.
10 Soothing Bathroom Decorating Ideas 

Discover how simple little decorating tips can turn your bathroom into a soothing spa.
How to Create a Faux Window with Imitation Sunlight

How to make a fake window that seems to have a view and fake sunlight.
Decorating Your Home with Seashells

Discover beautiful ideas to decorate your home with seashells.
Make a lattice wall room divider Create a Lattice Wall Room Divider

Using a garden lattice, create a graceful wall divider that lets in sunlight.
How to build a bed canopy How to Build A Bed Canopy

Discover simple ways to decorate your bedroom with a homemade bed canopy.
How to brighten a dark room How to Brighten Dark Rooms

Multiply the effect of lights and lighten your color palette in many ways to brighten all your dark rooms.
How to make enchanting decorative pillows How to Make Enchanting Decorative Pillows

Ideas for making enchanting decorative pillows with tassels.
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