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Vintage Style Decorating Ideas
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Add floral lamps in the bedrooms, and wallpapers dotted with tiny blooms that crowd together like wild flowers in a field. Keep a water pitcher in a large bowel on the bedroom dresser.

Add a delicately patterned rug to set the bed apart from the rest of the room. And for the ultimate in vintage style decorating, attach a mantelpiece to the wall, to mimic the presence of a warm hearth, then display old sepia photos in frames sanded down to give the effect of passing time.

In short, to decorate with vintage style, think of things as they might look after many years of attentive care, things that have lasted so long because they were used and valued.

Create a home in which every item seems to speak of a link to the past, of tradition and heritage. With Vintage style decorating, each of us becomes the lord of his own manor, with his own coat of arms made of homely things cherished within those four dear walls we each call home.

I hope these vintage style decorating ideas fill you with inspiration to commemorate the days of your life, so that your home will become a reflection of the things you value and cherish.

Happy decorating!

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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