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How to Turn Plain Glass
Into a French Window
A painted illusion is all it takes to turn plain glass windows into elegant Faux French windows.

You can turn your old windows into French windows without the expense of replacing them. A French window pattern can increase the privacy of your old windows and make the view outside more picturesque, by slicing it into small rectangles. All this can be achieved by a painted illusion created on plain glass.

Even your old patio door can look charming if you create a frosted French door pattern on the glass. It’s easy and cheap to do. In less than an hour an old window can be transformed into an elegant frosted French window.

I created this frosted illusion 4 years ago, and I still enjoy looking at it. It's hard to believe how easy this French window was to make. So dare to give yourself the French window you always wanted. For the price of a can of paint, you can.

What You Will Need to Turn Your Old Window into a French Window:

You probably have some printer paper at home (8.5x11 inch paper). This is perfect for this project, but you can really use smaller or bigger sheets of paper depending on your taste. Just imagine that the sheet of paper will represent a square or rectangle in your French window pattern.

You will need at least one can of Rust-Oleum frosted glass spray paint. You can easily find this product at your local paint store, or at the Home Depot or Lowe’s paint section. It’s a good idea to buy a few cans to be on the safe side, then return the ones you don’t end up using.

You probably have some kind of sticky tape at home (masking tape, cello tape… whichever you like). One roll is more than enough.

Step One: Prepare the Window for Painting

Choose any old window or glass door in your home, except one inside a shower stall, because the humidity will remove the French window pattern overtime. You will be working on the indoor side of the window.

To begin with, clean the glass thoroughly with a glass cleaner. Next, take the sheets of paper. You will be sticking them to the glass at equal intervals, so that each sheet will represent the area of the window that will remain clear glass, while the spaces you leave between the papers will be frosted, creating the French window pattern.

It’s a good idea to measure the glass before you start. This way you can plan ahead how many sheets you intend to use and what the size of the space between them should be.

Take your sticky tape and create little loops to stick at the corners of each sheet of paper. Make sure that when you adhere the paper to the glass the sticky tape isn’t showing in the open spaces. In addition, make sure that the spaces you leave between the sheets of paper create straight horizontal and vertical lines that crisscross each other.

If the lines will be crooked, your French window pattern will look crooked. If you’re not sure your eye can gauge the distances accurately enough, then use a ruler.
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