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Turn Recycled Junk
Into Garden Landscaping

Garden Landscaping Meets Recycling

It always surprises me, the junk you can recycle into garden landscaping. In fact, you probably have some garden landscape material in your garage right now. I know I do. Old furniture, a wheelbarrow, old pots, toilets, scrap lumber, even an old tire—all this junk is the stuff that cheap garden landscape dreams are made of. And recycling junk into garden landscaping doesn't just make for a beautiful garden, it clears out the clutter in your garage.

Here are my favorite garden landscaping ideas for turning junk into garden green.

Too Rickety to Sit on

Recycle old furniture junk into garden landscaping filled with quaint charm. Stick the legs of a wobbly old bench firmly into the ground near the wall of your house so it can lean against it. Then add garden landscape beauty by placing a cheap plastic green planter atop it. Plant English ivy, which is cheap and hardy, and let it droop over your garden landscaping.

Old Red Wheelbarrow

Recycle an old red wheelbarrow into garden landscaping by drilling holes into its base and planting flowers. Choose Red Geraniums as they are hardy and eye-catching. Landscape your backyard with your wheelbarrow, or place it at an angle on your front lawn, for whimsical garden landscaping that adds street appeal.

What's Cooking?

Go hunting for garden landscape material in your pots and pans cabinet. Fish out the oldest, ugliest, junkiest pots and recycle them into garden landscaping. Drill a hole at the base of each pot , plant flowers, ivy and small hedge plants (which are very cheap). Then enhance your backyard landscaping by clustering your flower pots amid existing plants.

Fragrant Toilet

Enhance your backyard landscaping with a recycled old toilet. First remove the seat, then stick a potted plant in the toilet filled with kitchen herbs. Keep your toilet herb farm by your kitchen back door for a whimsical and functional addition to your garden landscaping and cooking.

A Tired Tire...

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