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Wild Garden
Landscaping Ideas
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I began by looking at my summer garden and decided where I wanted to create borders. I then cut the tarp to fit the shape and size I wanted and simply laid it on the ground, grass or tree stumps that I wanted to conceal. I then covered the tarp with mulch, and finally edged the lawn around it to create a clear, manicured garden border.

Next, I cut a few holes in the mulched tarp and planted some flowers. In some cases, I planted the flowers in planters with Miracle Grow potting soil to help them last through summer. I then scattered the planters over the mulched garden borders.

In 4 days my wild, messy garden was turned into a manicured summer garden. The cost was fairly low given the amount of work and the size of the garden I had to tame.

My cutting down vegetation I was actually able to increase the apparent size of my summer garden and to let sunshine in. The contrast between the trimmed lawn and the mulch borders created a manicured summer garden look.

Best of all, my summer garden takes little effort to upkeep and is sure to remain manicured for a long time.

I hope some of these ideas help to shape your summer garden and create for you that wonderful plays to relax and have fun all summer long.

Note: my summer garden makeover did a lot of good for my backyard fence as well. In this picture you can see the garden after the rotting hedge was removed. The winter moisture is already drying off the fence, and I will now be able to seal the wood with stain. 

Comments? Questions? Drop me a line.
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