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Soothing Living Room Makeover Ideas

Soothing Living Room Makeover Ideas

With a few simple touches you can add a soothing ambiance to your living room decor.

A soothing atmosphere is imparted to a room by its colors and textures. For this reason, you can redecorate any living room to give it a more relaxed ambiance. Here's how.

Paint an Accent Wall

Start your soothing living room makeover by painting a single wall in a relaxing color. Choose the cool colors of the spectrum like periwinkle blue, lilac or sage. But avoid warm colors like reds and orange.

Echo Your Accent Color

Now continue your soothing living room makeover by echoing your accent color throughout the room. So, for example, if your accent wall is pale blue, toss striped blue pillows on your furniture. And decorate the back of your sofa with a light blue throw.

Paint Your Trim in White

To keep the accent color dominant throughout your soothing living room makeover, paint the mantle of your fireplace in white. Also paint your window trim and floor molding in white, as well as any door casing and doors.

Keep Your Furniture Light

If your room is already furnished, complete your soothing living room makeover by covering the upholstery with fresh slipcovers. Choose light colors but strong fabrics such as linen or jeans.

Next, paint any dark wooden furniture in eggshell white. If you first prime the units with water-based primer, you won't need to sand them prior to painting.

If you're buying new furniture, consider using wicker garden furniture indoors. Not only will this give your soothing living room makeover a relaxed appeal, but it will cost less than upholstered living room furniture.

Add Soothing Touches

By now your soothing living room makeover has taken on a summery, breezy atmosphere. Now add a few decorative touches to complete the design.

If you've chosen light blue for your living room makeover, consider decorating the room with large sea shells or sea stars.

If you decorated your living room in lilac, consider adding a lilac painted bird cage with a plant inside it.

And for a sage living room makeover, consider using a miniature wheel-barrow painted in sage, to display fruit on your living room table.

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