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Small living room decorating ideas

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

No matter how limited a space you have, you can decorate your living room to feel spacious and stylish.

Decorating a small living room is more about exclusion than inclusion. What to leave out, so as to keep the space feeling big and beautiful. It is then that everything you do include becomes all important! Here's a handful of essential tips to guide you in decorating your small living room.

Coffee Table Is Out!

A coffee table is bulky and boring. Instead consider decorating your small living room with three lidded baskets in cascading sizes. You can store a blanket, movies, magazines and TV remotes in the baskets; while the lids will create tabletops. Small living room decorating ideas are all about doubling the function of every item.

Sofas are for Fat Spaces

Decorating a small living room with large furniture is like stuffing an elephant into a Mini Coupe. Not pretty! For your small living room decorating project select a love seat or two arm chairs; perhaps one arm chair and a rocking chair or bean bag. In short, decorate with small but distinctive furniture.

Fewer Pillows, But Unique Ones

Decorate your small living room with only three pillows: Two at each end of the sofa for comfort, and one additional accent pillow. Make each pillow different, but choose complimentary colors from the color wheel.
decorating with the color wheel

Bring Nature In

Small living room decorating is all about creating the illusion of space. And nothing is more spacious than the outdoors. So decorate your living room corner with a tall potted plant.

Frame the Space

As you would a painting, decorate your small living room with a frame. How? Select a single-colored, small area rug to anchor your sitting area and set it apart from the walls.

Add a Floor Lamp

Small living room decorating relies heavily on illumination. The more brightly lit the space, the more cozy and roomy it will feel. Therefore, decorate your small living room with a striking floor lamp positioned near your love seat.

Reflect on It

Complete your small living room decor with a reflecting mirror that will double the space and light in the room. Rest a large, ornately framed mirror against the back wall of the room or hang it on the wall behind the love seat, instead of decorating your small living room with art.

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