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How to Sew Ottoman Slipcovers
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Step #6.

With the fabric front facing up, attach the skirt using sewing pins. You can either do this on the ottoman itself, or on the floor. Start at the opposite side of the finished section and work your way around. Be sure to test the ottoman cover over the ottoman and make any necessary adjustment, before moving on to the next step.

Step #7.

Sew the ottoman skirt to the ottoman but leave the corners for the moment. Once the ottoman slipcover is sewn, turn it inside out, then fit over the ottoman, fold the fabric in the corners, then fasten in place using sewing pins.

Step #8.

Sew the ottoman slipcover corners to fix the folds in place.

Step #9

If you have any tie-backs remaining from the original loveseat slipcover, you can tie them for added beauty. You can also add them into the design by slipping them between the skirt and top as you sew.


For your ottoman slipcover to come out 100% perfect, it’s a good idea to sew the skirt by hand first. Use wide stitches as this will be a temporary sewing job. You can then fit the slipcover over the ottoman and make small adjustments, sewing by hand again. Move over to the machine only once the ottoman slipcover is ready for its final sewing. 

Now, Discover how I decorated my living room with slipcovers.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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