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Primitive Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Primitive Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Primitive dining room decorating is all about simplicity. Strip away unnecessary layers of decor and end up with clean lines and a functional space.

To decorate your dining room in the primitive style, you don't have to invest a fortune. The idea is to create a soothing space that costs little and establishes a quiet harmony.

Here's a handful of ideas for creating a primitive dining room makeover in your home.

Paint Your Walls

Choose an earth tone for your primitive dining room makeover, but think of something more inspiring than sand-color or taupe.

Because Primitive dining room decorating ideas are inherently simple, each of them counts a great deal. Therefore, paint your walls in a color that has a unique character, like the earthy lime in the picture above, or such as clay-orange or ceramic blue.

Give Your Furniture a Primitive Makeover

Your dining room table and chairs stand prominently at the center of the space. Their appearance, therefore, will affect your primitive dining room makeover considerably.

One way to bring a complete change to your dining room makeover is simple. Bring your garden porch table and chairs indoors, to replace your current dining room furniture.

Another primitive dining room decorating idea encourages you to distress your brand new furnishings. Not everyone wants to do that, but if you're committed to the primitive decorating style you can achieve it in two ways:

1. You can sand down your dining room furniture along edges, to mimic the wear and tear of years.

2. You can paint your dining room set in white water-based primer, then paint over the white primer in sage, clay hues or black. Finally, sand the edges of your dining room set to reveal the white and grant your dining room a primitive look.

Display Primitive Decor on Your Dining Room Table

The proverbial fruit bowl or flower arrangement has no place in your primitive dining room makeover. Rather, look for pottery at the garden center of your home improvement store, or at home stores, which carry African styled table decor.

Subtract to Achieve a Primitive Style

Primitive dining room decorating ideas have as much to do with subtraction as with addition. Remove your window curtains, your rug and fancy light fixture. Leave things bare where appropriate, especially if you have a beautiful garden view that will flood the room through the unobstructed windows.

Your primitive dining room makeover will look best if you leave the walls bare. If the space is small, hang large, un-ornate mirrors opposite the windows to create the illusion of more space.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.

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