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Basement decorating ideas
Playful Basement
Decorating Ideas

Create a family retreat, a game room, a library or music room with a little inventive basement decorating .

Basement decorating should incorporate light and comfort into every corner. To dispel the sensation of being half-buried under ground, decorate your basement with light.

Basement Decorating with Light

Before choosing your furniture placement, consider where to place the floor lamps, and implement chic, high illumination lighting on the ceiling. Add dimmers to your light switches to adjust the amount of lighting used at a time, and add cheap decorative lighting that stays on at all times, like miniature butterfly lamps.

Decorate Your Basement with a Bench

If you have no furniture to spare for your basement, build a cozy reading bench to decorate a drab corner in your basement. All you need is plywood and 2x4 lumber.

Using the lumber build a frame that fits the size of your basement niche, then cover the lumber with the plywood and paint in white. You can add a strip of window casing below, to create a beautiful edge on your basement bench.

Sew a bench cushion and add pillows to add flare to your basement decorating. Stick to whites or bright colors to keep your basement feeling bright and airy.

 Basement interior decorating ideas

Whimsical Basement Decor

Make your basement decorations whimsical and inviting. Use chic lighting or colorful furniture. Add bean bags for lazing about in corners, or a thick lamb skin rug for laying before the basement hearth. Remember that basement decorating is meant to create a comfortable space for the family to gather and relax.

Basement Library

Decorate your basement to resemble an elegant library. Cover old armchairs in faux leather slipcovers, then paint cheap wooden all in black spray paint. The uniform color will create the impression that your basement library was custom build as a set.

Basement Music Room

Even if you have no music instruments to decorate your basement, you can turn your basement into a music room. Mount an old stereo on a wall using decorative shelf brackets. Spread the speakers as far apart as the cables will allow and mount them with decorative shelf brackets as well.

Conceal the cables by hanging decorative shawls or tablecloths over your walls. This exotic decor will add grace to the basement and invite music lovers to come sit and relax. Use old furniture covered in more shawls or throws. Add comfortable cushions, and sew new casings for them to match the rest of your basement decor.

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