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Paint old kitchen hardware
Refurbish Old Kitchen Hardware with Paint
Don’t Replace Ugly, Old Kitchen Cabinet Hardware—Paint it!

If you have rusty kitchen cabinet hardware, or plastic, old and worn cabinet hardware, you might be tempted to replace it. Instead consider refurbishing your old kitchen hardware.

After all, new hardware for your kitchen cabinets can be expensive. Though each handle or knob is affordable in itself, changing the kitchen hardware on all your cabinets can really add up. But how can you refurbish old kitchen hardware to make it look modern and new? With special, faux metal paint.

Refurbishing your old kitchen cabinet hardware with special finish paints will change it completely. It’s easy to do and very cheap. All you need to refurbish you kitchen hardware is a screw driver, a can of primer and a can of paint. In less than one hour of work, you could have gorgeous kitchen cabinet hardware for less than it would cost you to buy two new kitchen handles.

So here are the simple four steps to refurbishing your old kitchen cabinet hardware.

Step #1. Preparation

With a screw driver, remove your old kitchen cabinet hardware. Keep the screws in a bag, so as not to lose any. If the heads of the screws are stripped, you can still use paint to give your old kitchen hardware a new look, but you’ll have to take an additional step here. Take painter’s tape and cover the kitchen cabinet around the hardware that cannot be removed. Make sure to cover a wide area as you’ll be using spray paint, which can have a radius of around five inches.

Step #2. Priming

In a well ventilated area, place your kitchen cabinet hardware on a well-covered surface. You will need to prime your cabinet hardware to create a strong base for painting. The kind of primer you use will depend on what the handle or knob are made of:

1. If the kitchen hardware is made of rusty metal: use rusty metal primer spray to coat every piece of cabinet hardware completely. This primer will bond to the rusty and create a strong base for painting.

2. If you kitchen cabinet hardware is made of plastic: use plastic primer spray to coat the cabinet hardware completely.

3. If the kitchen cabinet hardware is made of wood, metal OR other surfaces: use general primer to coat the cabinet hardware completely.

Step #3. Painting

Now comes the fun part. Once the primer is dry, your kitchen cabinet hardware is ready for painting. Your choice of paint will depend on the look you wish to achieve. Here are your choices:

1. ANTIQUE kitchen cabinet hardware: Though requiring a little more work than mere spray painting, the Rust-Oleum Antique Kit will grant your kitchen hardware the luster and look of antique metal hardware. Choose from Pewter, Gold or Copper finish.

2. METALLIC kitchen cabinet hardware: For an easy, lustrous metallic look, use metallic spray paint. Choose from five different shades that will make your cabinet hardware look very modern and polished. The application is very easy. Just spray paint, and add coats depending on the depth of tone you wish to achieve.

3. HAMMERED kitchen cabinet hardware: For a modern look that has a touch of sophistication, use the hammered finish spray paints. Rust-Oleum Hammered sprays offer you a wide range of colors. Like the Metallic sprays, these are easy to apply and lend a striking finish to your cabinet hardware. Here’s what you should use for metal and other kitchen cabinet hardware, and plastic kitchen cabinet hardware.

(Note: even when Rust-Oleum advises that you do not need to prime before using the Hammered paint, it is best to prime all the same, as your kitchen cabinet hardware will have to endure constant use).

4. STONE kitchen cabinet hardware: for an antique, rustic look, consider using the stone spray paints on your cabinet hardware. Choose from nine different shades that look astonishingly real. The application is easy and your old kitchen hardware will look as if its made of stone. Just spray paint and repeat to your taste.

5. ADDITIONAL kitchen cabinet hardware: There are many more finishes that you can choose for you kitchen cabinet hardware, depending on your taste. Visit here to choose your favorite.

Note: If you were unable to remove the kitchen cabinet hardware, you will be spray painting on the protected kitchen cabinets themselves. Just be sure to cover the surfaces below your work zone, to protect from paint drops. And keep a window open, as the spray paint dust will rise into the air.

Step #4. Clean-up

After your kitchen hardware is completely dry, re-attach it to your cabinets. If you did not remove the hardware, then peel off the protective layer covering your kitchen cabinets.

And that’s it. With very little work and even less money, your old kitchen cabinet hardware will look modern, or antique, or which ever other finish you might like. In short, your kitchen cabinet hardware will look beautiful now, and so will your whole kitchen.

Have fun!

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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