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Narrow Hallway
Decorating Tricks
Decorating tricks can visually decrease the length of your hallway, making a narrow hallway seem wider and more elegant.

A long hallway looks long, dark and uninviting. And the longer the hallway, the more these effects increase. To make a narrow hallway seem wider or more elegant you can either break the walls or try some narrow hallway decorating tricks.

To visually change the appearance of the hallway, hang a set of pictures at equal intervals and facing one another on both sides of the wall. Buy cheap frames and paint them all to look like a set. Use old calendar pictures to create identical wall art for your narrow corridor.

Furthermore, to give all the pictures a unique, aged patina, dilute the paint you used for the frames with water until the solution is almost pellucid.

Paint this thin solution over the calendar prints, then let dry before framing. Hang the pictures at a fixed wide distance, to create a lengthening effect. This decorating trick will make your corridor seem less long, and consequently less narrow.

Next, take your narrow decorating trick a step further by actually slicing the space with base molding or window casing. Cut the molding or casing to fit from floor to ceiling (or down to your existing floor molding), then separate the hallway decorating pictures with these architectural divisions. The molding will seem to slice the narrow hallway wall into separate sections.

Be sure to install the narrow hallway wall molding on both sides of the wall. The symmetry will increase the illusion of separate passageways succeeding one another.
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