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Cheap laundry room organization tips
Laundry Room Organization
For Small Spaces


Cheap Laundry Room Storage Ideas.

If you have a small laundry room, you don't have to give up on laundry room organization. By using folding doors, you can enclose your washer and dryer to keep any mess out of sight. By turning old kitchen cabinets into laundry room cabinets, you can create plenty of laundry room storage.

You can build simple laundry room storage shelves for affordable laundry room organization that fits your exact needs. And by adding cheap motion activated lights (which run on batteries), you can light up your laundry room storage areas when needed. Here are my favorite laundry room organization tips that turned the limited space in my downstairs bathroom into a perfectly organized laundry room.

Turn Old Kitchen Cabinets into Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry room cabinets don't have to look modern. So if you are renovating your kitchen, it's a good idea to recycle the old cabinets into laundry room storage space.

I saved four old kitchen cabinets and hung them in a line above my washer and dryer. I then painted my laundry room cabinets in white to match my washer and dryer. You can also find free cabinets for laundry room organization on Craig's List (read my article above making the most of Craig's List). Or you can search garage sales or flea markets.

Build Cheap Laundry Room Storage Shelves

Another easy way to achieve laundry room organization is with simple homemade shelves. Go to your local home improvement store and look in the lumber section. You'll find wood planks and shelf support brackets. Both are very cheap and you can mount a laundry room storage shelf (wood plank) with two shelf brackets at each end, or with an additional one at the center for extra support.

For optimal laundry room organization, build a second laundry room storage shelf above the first, and leave enough space between them to accommodate the height of your laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener bottles.

Light Up Your Laundry Room

It's far easier to maintain laundry room organization when you don't have to hunt for things in the dark. Cheap motion activated wireless LED lights (like Pelion Lights) can be glued (they are self adhesive) over your washer and dryer. When you open your laundry room sliding doors, the lights will come on.

You can add lights inside your laundry room cabinets, so they come on when the doors are opened. (Reference: Inventive Home Improvement: Illuminated Kitchen Cabinet Organizer).

Use Laundry Room Folding Doors to Hide the Mess

If, like me, you have a limited space for your laundry room, it's best to set it off from the rest of the room with folding doors. My laundry room is located inside my basement bathroom. I closed off the laundry room area with folding doors (see picture). This hides my laundry room mess and muffles the sound of my washer and dryer when they are working. 

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