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12 Inventive
Curb Appeal Ideas
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#7. Your Front Door:

Paint your front door a striking, welcoming color to give your Curb Appeal a personal touch. If the door has panels, paint accent lines around them for added beauty. If the door has no panels, give it a modern look for less than it would cost to buy a new door by creating panels from molding. Complete the look with a welcome plaque hung in the middle of the door.

#8. Rock Border:

Border the driveway with rocks to give the Curb Appeal a more defined look. Buy bags of rocks at your local home improvement store, or achieve the same result for less by collecting rocks in nature or your garden.

#9. Lighting:

Illumination is especially important in winter when darkness can fall early in the afternoon. A string of cascading white lights hung from the eaves of a home will cost less than garden lights, while still granting a welcoming Curb Appeal.

#10. Weed Regularly:

Simply weeding a yard regularly will add Curb Appeal to the front garden. Use weed killer or pull the weeds out after the rain, for a less toxic approach.

#11. Mulch:

Mulch costs far less than seasonal flowers and fills gaps between existing plants no less effectively. Spreading mulch liberally gives a Curb Appeal symmetry and uniformity, while promoting weed control.

#12. Paint the Lawn:

Get a manicured lawn instantly using a special organic dye called lawn paint, or grass paint. Here's my article on painting your lawn green using lawn paint.

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