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6 Affordable Backyard
Landscaping Ideas
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#4: A Birdbath Focal Point

Birdbaths are relatively inexpensive. Select one that has a long pedestal, for added effect. Place the birdbath in an open area of your backyard, then spread white rocks all around it, followed by a ring of evergreen groundcover plants. Repeat these two steps for a second ring of rocks and green plants, finally bordered by a ring of black rocks.

The same landscape idea can look quite different when only plants are used instead of a mixture of plants and rocks. Here is an opportunity for this landscape focal point to have varying heights.

Begin by planting the tallest plants around the birdbath, though be sure to choose plants that will not grow taller than the birdbath. Then plant the second ring of plants, which should be a little lower and of a different shade. The third ring, again, will be closer to the ground than the former and differ in color. For the final ring choose a simple groundcover plant, such as English Ivy.

# 5: A Lawn Walkway

Connect your home and the private seating area of your backyard with paving stones embedded in your lawn, floating on it like lily pads on a pond. On rainy days you will now have a way to cross your wet lawn without wetting or muddying your shoes. And the beauty of the paving stones will add a picturesque appeal to your backyard landscape.

You may use a different texture and color for each stone, or make them all uniform. You can also choose paving stones with designs carved into them, such as sunflower or frog paving stones for added whimsy.

#6: A Wheelbarrow Flowerbed

A large red wheelbarrow can give your backyard landscape and old-fashioned look. Use the wheelbarrow as a planter and fill it with greenery and flowers. Intersperse silk ferns and flowers between the real plants, and even in winter you will have something blooming in your backyard landscape.

The trick is to use small flowers and spread them in small clusters. In fact, you can save money by buying one large stalk of silk flowers, and cropping it into smaller sections. Place your blooming wheelbarrow near your seating bench or your hammock, to add beauty to your seating area and overall backyard landscape.

These ideas will have the most impact if you use them together. Cluster the beautiful landscape items you add to your backyard, and their impact will be greater. Even if only one corner of your backyard will now have a rich, welcoming landscape, the eye will wander to that spot regardless, and the rest of the back yard garden will seem beautiful because of it.

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