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6 Affordable Backyard
Landscaping Ideas

Backyard landscaping is good for our health and happiness. Too often we invest time and money in our front yards and forget all about the backyard landscaping. But the backyard is even more important to us personally. By giving our home the added beauty of a private, landscaped back garden, we can find greater happiness in being outside, reading, relaxing and spending time with friends and family.

So here are 6 simple ideas for making the most of your backyard landscaping.

# 1: Rock River

The soothing beauty of a river can add character and richness to your backyard landscaping. But installing a pool or manmade river, with a pump to circulate the water, is labor-intensive, expensive, and requires constant upkeep. Instead a rock river can bring a new and simpler serenity to your backyard landscaping without all the fuss.

You can buy bags of rocks at your home improvement store. Buy white rocks for the center of your river, and black or gray ones for the riverbank. When you spread your rock river begin at a far corner of your backyard and increase the width of the rock river as you go. This will imitate natural perspective, which diminishes the size of objects the farther they are. After the first snake of white rocks is in place, spread the dark rocks along both edges, to create the illusion of the riverbank.

Have your river meander around existing landscape, for added beauty and believability. And if you wish to complete the illusion, buy a landscape bridge to place over your river.

# 2: A Private Seating Area

Find your favorite spot in your backyard and make it your own. If your backyard is not fenced, choose the most hidden spot. Next place a beautiful garden bench under a tree, or a table with chairs beside your blooming landscape. If your budget is small, even white plastic chairs can look beautiful in the right landscape setting.

Now increase the beauty of the spot with planters filled with shrubs. Thread silk flowers between the leaves for a year-round colorful display. As long as the flowers are small and scattered, they will blend with the real landscape without looking artificial. You may also add a landscape arch over one of the chairs or the bench, to give your backyard landscape added whimsy. Plant jasmine or climbing roses at both sides of the arch, to add fragrance to your backyard landscaping.

# 3: A Colorful Hammock

Hang a hammock between two trees or in a metal frame. Buy a hammock made from cotton fibers and you can dye the fabric your favorite color. Craft stores sell many shades of clothes dye. A purple or red hammock will look stunning against the green landscape of your backyard.

Toss two garden, water-proof pillows on the hammock, or colorful inflatable cushions. The hammock will make a perfect spot for relaxation in your backyard all spring and summer long. Choose a spot in your landscape that looks bare, and your hammock will also add beauty and color.

#4: A Birdbath Focal Point

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