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Installing a showerhead when you have no walls
Installing a Showerhead
with No Surrounding Walls

If you have a tub with with no surrounding walls, like a clawfoot tub, you'll find it hard to install a showerhead. Even if you have two walls, the showerhead must be suspended near your faucets, for easy water access; and this may not always be convenient. 

You may choose to install a pipe in a side wall (if you have one), or buy an external pipe and showerhead kit, which you can attach to the wall for extra security. But if you don’t have a wall next to your tub, how can you still have a bathroom shower? There are two solutions, which I'll talk about below.

Though I first tried the second option in my home, I found it to be too rickety, and I eventually opted for the more solid, first option, the option of installing a showerhead in the ceiling, which connects through the side wall to the bathtub faucet. All the plumbing is invisible, and the look is elegant. Even showering is more fun now, as it feels like showering in the rain.

So here are the two options open to you for installing a showerhead where you have no surrounding walls.

Showerhead Installation in the Ceiling instead of a Wall

One perfect way to overcome the lack of a wall to mount a shower head on, is to use the ceiling to create your bathroom shower. You will need a contractor to come in and install a pipe through a side wall and along the ceiling until it reaches the right position over your tub. This is a far less costly way of installing a bathroom shower where there is no wall, than to go to the trouble of building a wall to conceal the pipe. This is especially true if you have a back wall to your tub, as many tubs do.

The bathroom shower installation in this case is simple. The contractor will attach a pipe to the existent water line of your tub. And only a small crevice will need to be opened in the back wall and ceiling to insert the pipe. However, if the wall is currently tiled, be sure that you have extra tiles to replace the one’s that will be removed (and broken). If you do not, consider buying a matching tile that can appear like an intended pattern once it conceals the bathroom shower installation.

Showerhead Installation with Custom Shower Add-on’s

Another way to install a bathroom shower over a tub is to order a custom shower add-on set. These include a pipe that attaches to your current bathtub tap. The pipe is long and curves at the end to suspend the shower head over the tub. Many shower add-on’s are too rickety and do not fit well to your existing tap. Therefore, consider investing in buying the whole set, from tap to the bathroom shower accessories. You will likely need to bring a plumber in to install the new tap, but the end result will be sturdy.

Bathroom Shower Installation Curtain Solutions
If your bathtub has three walls around it, simply purchase a shower pole and curtain, and your bathroom shower installation will be complete. If, however, your shower has two walls or less (or none), you will need to install a shower curtain rod that will hang from the ceiling over the tub. Follow this simple article to making your own shower curtain for a clawfoot tub.
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