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Sliding kitchen shelf you can make yourself
Organize Kitchen Cabinets By Making a Sliding Shelf
For dark kitchen cabinets, an illuminated, sliding shelf is an ideal solution. You pull out the shelf like a drawer, then push it back in when you've found what you were looking for. Installing or making a kitchen cabinet organizer is easier than you think.

To begin with, a sliding shelf is easy to install into your existing kitchen cabinets. Store bought sliding shelves are expensive and come in fixed sizes. But making your own sliding shelf will give you the flexibility of building a custom size that’s right for your kitchen cabinet, while saving money. No woodworking experience is needed. Just follow this simple tutorial for making your own kitchen cabinet sliding shelf.

Step #1. Measurements

The sliding shelf you will build will be customized to your kitchen cabinet. Begin by measuring your kitchen cabinet width, length and depth. Decide how many shelves you wish to install in the space, depending on the height. The width and depth measurements will determine the size of the shelf.

Step #2. Sliding Shelf Hardware

Your sliding shelf will glide back and forth on simply drawer slides. These can be bought online by googling: Drawer Slides. Let your depth measurements guide your choice of drawer slides. You will need a slide for each side of one sliding shelf. If you decide to install two shelves, remember to buy two sets of slides.

Typically drawer slides are about 2/3 of the length of the shelf they support. Do not proceed with buying the shelf until you have the drawer slides. Measure the drawer slides to see how thick they are when installed. If they are 2 inches thick, then be sure to reduce your shelf width measurement by 4 inches (2 on the right, 2 on the left).

Step #3. Sliding Shelf Size

Your shelf will be made from hardwood. At your lumber or home improvement store have the wood cut to the width and depth measurements of your kitchen cabinet (don’t forget to take the slides into account).

If you want your shelf to have a rim, like a real drawer, buy 2x4 wood and have it cut to the width and length of your shelf, then hammer them in the shape of a square border over your shelf.

Step #4. Sliding Shelf Installation

Install the drawer slides on your sliding shelf and inside the kitchen cabinet following the instructions that will come with the drawer slides. Be sure not to confuse the right and left sides during installation, or the slides won’t fit. You can paint your sliding shelf to make it more durable, or coat it with wallpaper.

Step #5. Sliding Shelf Illumination

Even though you sliding shelf will slide out of the cabinet, allowing the kitchen lighting to illuminate the contents of your shelf, you might enjoy additional cabinet illumination Wireless LED lights (such as Pelion Lights) are ideal for the purpose.

Simply stick them to the door of the cabinet with the shelf-adhesive that comes with the lights. Even better, choose Motion Activated lights, so the light can come on the moment you open the cabinet door.

Your sliding shelf will make your kitchen cabinets fun and functional. Add more innovative kitchen upgrades from painting your old appliances with stainless steel, to upgrading your kitchen light fixtures with faux Tiffany lamps, by following these ideas for easy cosmetic kitchen upgrades. And turn your kitchen into a warm gathering place with a few whimsical kitchen decor ideas, from rooster decor to apples, sunflowers and much more.

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