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Paint old appliances with stainless steel paint
How to Paint a Stainless Steel Fridge
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Common First Coat Problems

As the first coat begins to dry you will notice runs in some places, droplets of stainless steel paint.
Smooth them away with your foam brush then wait for the area to dry. Then sand with P-320 grit sandpaper to gently smooth away the area. Do not be concerned if your old fridge seems coated in a thin layer of stainless steel paint at this point. This is normal.

Second Coat

Wait one hour between the first and second coats of stainless steel paint. Once more use the roller to apply the second coat of stainless steel paint, beginning at your old fridge top, then sides and finally the front. Next, use your hard foam brush to smooth away the roller marks from the wet stainless steel surface, but this time create vertical strokes in the opposite direction, from bottom to top.

Common Second Coat Problems

For areas that appear to have a thin first coat of stainless steel paint, be sure to saturate the roller thoroughly so as to create a thick second coat. Be sure also to work your foam brush in the opposite direction to the one used on the first coat, as this will fill in the grooves, establishing a thick stainless steel cover on your old fridge.

Clear Top Coat

Now that you have turned your old fridge into a modern stainless steel fridge, it’s important to apply a protective clear coat to the painted surface. This will impart a beautiful even sheen to your stainless steel fridge, as well as protect it from scratches or fingerprint marks. Wait two hours after finishing painting the second coat of stainless steel paint, then use the roller to apply the clear coat. Follow with the hard foam brush in the exact direction you used during the second coat (vertical, straight lines from bottom to top). One coat of stainless steel clear finish will impart a satin finish, and two coats a gloss finish.

Clean Up

Clean up tapped off areas by carefully pulling off the tape. It’s best to use a knife to gently score along the tape and separate the dry stainless steel tape from the tape. Wait 24 hours before using your fridge and don’t stick any fridge magnets or decorations to it for 14 days.

Clean your modern stainless steel fridge with soap and water and a gentle cloth. A dap of baby oil on a soft paper towel is another way to smooth away smears and impart a clear sheen to your stainless
steel painted surface.

Stainless Steel Paints

There are several stainless steel paints on the market. Rust Oleum has an excellent stainless steel product, made with real stainless steel. Thomas Liquid Stainless Steel is another excellent choice, which comes with a full project kit that includes everything you’ll need to turn your old fridge into a modern stainless steel fridge.

Project Tip:

The same painting instructions discussed in this article apply to other kitchen appliances like your dishwasher, microwave, light fixtures, toaster or kettle.
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Article Reference: Thomas Liquid Stainless Steel Tutorial

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