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How to Paint Your Lawn
Green With Lawn Paint

If you’ve always longed for a manicured lawn, why not learn how to paint your lawn green with lawn paint and achieve the ideal results cheaply and instantly?

Though lawn paint will only last for a few weeks (or up to 3 months without mowing), the effort involved in painting your lawn green is minimal and the cost is low.

You can hide holes in the grass, brown spots, rot and weeds, and, just like an artist, paint your lawn green with lawn paint until it looks picture perfect. It’s an easy process especially ideal in summer and arid landscapes, or for people who want to sell their home and need to make the lawn look flawless. Here’s everything you need to know about how to paint your lawn green with lawn paint.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Paint Your Lawn Green:

* Lawn paint (lawn dye) in the color of your choice

* Lawn sprayer

* Access to a running water hose

Here Are the Steps for Painting Your Lawn Green

Step #1. Buy Enough lawn paint

Lawn paint is actually an organic dye which is perfectly safe for your lawn, as well as for pets or kids who might like to play on the painted lawn. lawn paint is sprayed much like lawn feed and is sold in containers that describe the size of the yard they will cover.

Measure your lawn’s width and length and multiply the numbers to know it’s square foot. Buy extra lawn paint so you can paint your lawn green again after mowing. You can find lawn paint at home improvement stores or online.

Step #2. Choose the Right Weather

Lawn paint needs two hours to dry without rain or dew. Before you paint the lawn make sure it’s perfectly dry and that no rain is forecast for the next few hours. Nothing’s more annoying than finishing painting your lawn with lawn paint only to watch the paint get washed off by a chance shower.

Step #3. Prepare the lawn paint

Every lawn paint is a little different, so follow the diluting instructions that come with the bottle. Grass dye works with water but over diluting will make the dye too thin. To paint your lawn a perfect green follow the diluting measurements exactly. And be sure to buy green lawn paint in the shade you like most, as there is a range to choose from. Don’t try to alter the color by over or under diluting.

Step #4. Paint Your Lawn Green
It’s really fun to watch your dry, patchy lawn turning a perfect green. Spray the lawn paint in straight horizontal lines from corner to corner. Always work backwards so you don’t end up stepping on lawn you just painted before the green lawn paint dries fully (after 2 hours).

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