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How to make a skylight cover

How to Make a Cheap Skylight Cover

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Installing the Screw Hooks for the Skylight Cover

I intended to leave the screw hooks in the frame of the skylight permanently. At a home improvement store I found small gold screw hooks, which seemed perfect. This way I would never have to re-make my skylight again. The essentials will always be up there, year after year.

I divided the measurements of the length and width of my window to see how many screws I should fit in a line and at what distance. This didn’t have to be 100% symmetrical, but I sought to have the same distance between each screw (mostly because I wanted the skylight cover to block light evenly).

I realized that installing about 6 screw hooks in a line at a distance of around 11 inches would be perfect. So that’s what I did. But in the corners, I had the screw hooks of one side almost touching those of the next. In this way the corners were more tight-fitting, which prevented light from escaping in.

I leave the screw hooks of the skylight cover in place all year long, even when I take the skylight cover down. Because they are small and golden, they are hardly visible.

Turning My Blanket into a Skylight Cover

I spread the blanket on the floor. Using a string, I traced the outline of the skylight over the blanket (which was about 10 inches into the blanket, since it was about 10 inches too big all around).

Next, I attached a curtain clip-on ring (found at home or craft stores) in a corner on the string. I kept installing curtain clip-on rings 11 inches apart (to correspond to the hooks I attached to the skylight frame).
Making a skylight cover

Hanging My Affordable Skylight Cover

I started hanging my skylight cover at one corner. Then I hung each clip-on ring in turn. Sometimes the ring was a little too much to one side, then I simply moved it to the correct position. It was that easy! In just a few minutes I made a skylight cover and hung it.

Removing My Skylight Cover When It’s Not Needed
When the winter months return, I simply pull the clip-on rings off the hooks. I leave the hooks in the window frame. And I keep the clip-on rings attached to the blanket, which I store in a box until my skylight cover is needed again.
How to build a skylight cover
Since it’s easy to make this affordable skylight cover, I can always make a new one if I decided to redecorate my kitchen. So far, I’ve used this skylight cover for eight years and it’s holding up great!

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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