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How to make cheap charming kitchen decor

How to Make Cheap Charming Kitchen Decor

Turn cheap craft store frames into charming kitchen decor that costs hardly anything.

Craft store frames typically cost around $1. If you buy a dozen, you can frame greeting cards or postcards to create a charming collection of images for decorating your kitchen.

Paint the Frames?

I decided to leave my craft store frames in natural wood. It's up to you if you wish to paint them to match your kitchen. You can use stamps to decorate the frames with art.

What to Frame?

I chose to frame free postcards that I collected at a country inn where my husband and I stayed on our anniversary. This meant that my charming kitchen decor was not only cheap but commemorated that event.
make charming kitchen decor


Frame Greeting Cards

Another idea is to frame charming greeting cards. I found a beautiful selection of Vera Mouse cards. Each was a little different, but the whole collection seemed to belong together.

Where to Display Your Charming Kitchen Decor

You can display your charming decor in a line on a kitchen counter, or you can hang it above the counter. You can even hang the small frames around a door frame, just make sure to keep the images symmetrical.

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