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How to Dry Roses
for Home Decorating

I learned how to dry roses from my boss' wife, long ago. Every Friday she would buy a bouquet of roses for me and for her. How to dry the roses was a trick she taught me when she realized I was throwing my roses away when they wilted.

After a year of drying roses, I had a huge collection of dry flowers decorating the tops of my kitchen cabinets. I'd like to share the trick for how to dry roses here, and give you a few home decorating ideas for using dry roses around your home.

How to Dry Roses

The process of drying roses has two key secrets. Dry your roses in a dark place. And dry them hanging upside down. As your roses dry, they will not bend their heads, because gravity will pull them down. Nor will they wilt in the absence of sunlight.

Drying roses in a closet is an excellent idea. The roses will release their fragrance, already adding the scent of dried flowers to your home before you've even started. The span of time necessary for drying roses varies depending on the rose and the humidity in your home. Usually 3 weeks are ideal. You'll know that your roses are done drying when they become hard, while the leaves become brittle.

Make Dry Roses Flower Arrangements

There are many ways to display your dry roses. Place them in a vase like regular flowers, or thread them into a flower arrangement sponge for a more coordinated dried flower arrangement.

It's best to start with a simple display, while you keep drying roses overtime. When you have enough, go ahead and create a stunning dried flower arrangement, weaving in silk ivy or other green leaves for texture.

More Home Decorating Ideas with Dry Roses

Drying roses can become addictive, and soon you might find that you have more dry roses than you know what to do with. Well, there is a stunning dried flower arrangement that you can make for your kitchen.
Imagine those country cottages where herbs are flung above kitchen cabinets, to keep drying and to ornament. That's exactly what you can do with your dry roses. Bundle them atop your kitchen cabinets for an incredible country motif, that rains down the scent of flowers.

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