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Choosing the Right
Electrical Fireplace
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Third, make sure the depth of the mantelpiece will fit your room well, without blocking an entryway or a passage. If the electric fireplace ends up being too big for the room, it will make the room look cramped and small.

Finally, choose a style that fits in with the rest of your décor. An antique mantelpiece might look gorgeous in a catalogue or on a showroom floor, but if your room has modern furniture and pictures, an antique electric fireplace will look ridiculously out of place.

For the same reason, it is best to choose a simple, multi-
functional design for your electric fireplace, to ensure that it will continue to look good in the room even if you decide to change the décor with time, or if you decide to move the fireplace to another room in the house. Only commit yourself to an unusual design if you’re sure too love the style for years to come.

If your budget is small and you find that you can’t go ahead with purchasing an electric fireplace, there’s another option for you. Buy an electric stove instead. Though smaller, an electric stove will produce as much heat as an electric fireplace and cost just as little to run, saving you money on your heating bill.

Also, like an electric fireplace, an electric stove grants you the beauty of fake flames and the convenience of a remote control. In addition, many stoves have an imitation iron-works door that completes the illusion of a real fire.

Most electric fireplaces come fully assembled, though larger ones may require minimal assembly, such as fastening the top of the mantelpiece to the sides, or the sides to the base. Have someone at home to help you carry the fireplace to the appropriate room.

It’s a good idea to use a surge protector when plugging in the electric fireplace to protect the heater from lightning. In addition, since dust is likely to accumulate behind the mantelpiece (unless you pull it from the wall regularly and vacuum), hanging the surge protector behind the electric fireplace or inside the mantelpiece will prevent dust from shorting the sockets.

Within a few minutes of getting your new electric fireplace, you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the heat and charm of a fire that isn't there at all.

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