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How to build an elegant coffee table
How to Build
An Elegant Coffee Table
Here's a simple yet elegant coffee table that you can build without prior woodworking experience or special woodworking tools.

The elegance of the coffee table will come from its sleek design and beautiful finish. In this step-by-step tutorial you will be given all the information you need, divided into easy sections. You can build your elegant coffee table in one day, or build it in steps, when you have time.

To Build Your elegant Coffee Table You Will Need the Following:


* Hammer

* Saw

* P-220 grit sandpaper & P-320 grit sandpaper

* Sanding block (which you can make from a block of 2x4 lumber)

* Shellac or Lacquer for a sleek wood finish, or stainless steel paint for an industrial finish.

* A box of 5 inch Headless nails for a 4 inch tabletop thickness.

Tip: If your tabletop is less than 4 inches thick, reduce the length of the nails accordingly.


* One hardwood board, 36 inches wide, by 36 inch long, and 4 inch thick.

* Two 2x4 lumber, 36 inches long

* Two 2x4 lumber, 32 inches long

* Four 4x4 wood posts, 15 inches long.

Tip 1: Your total table height will be determined by the length of the legs and the thickness of the tabletop. You can add or decrease inches to the leg length suggested in this article, based on your needs.

Tip 2: if you want to build a rectangular coffee table instead of a square one, adjust the hardwood board to 40 inches width, by 18 inches length. And adjust the 2x4 lumber sections to 40 inches length and 14 inches length.

Follow these steps to build your Elegant Coffee Table:
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