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How to build a shoe rack

How to Build a Shoe Rack

I built a shoe rack for my husband's messy closet using 2x4 wood, which is very cheap. It took about 10 minutes to build the shoe rack. And because the shoe rack has two tiers it accommodates all my husband's footwear.

Here's what you'll need to build the same shoe rack yourself:

1. Four 2x4 lumber sections in the width of your closet. (A PIECE)

2. Two 2x4 lumber sections in the depth of your closet. (B PIECE)

(Tip: if you want to build a smaller shoe rack then adjust your measurements. But be sure you don't build a shoe rack that's too big to fit in your closet.)

3. Nails

4. Hammer

5. Pads if you want to protect a wooden floor from your shoe rack.

Here are the steps to follow when building this shoe rack:

First Step: Build the base of the shoe rack

Start by placing an A PIECE on its 2 inch side. Using a B PIECE, which you also place on its 2 inch side, create an L-shape.

Hammer the pieces together. Then add a B PIECE at the opposite end to mirror what you did on the other side.
How to build a wood shoe rack


Second Step: Build the platform of the shoe rack

Now you want to form a platform on top of the shoe rack base. Therefore, rest three A PIECES horizontally over the base.

Make sure the first pieces isn't sitting flush with the front. Instead, push it back about 10 inches.

The third piece, however, should be flush with the edge of the shoe rack you are building. Hammer the wood in place.

Tip: if you're building a very deep shoe rack, then use more A PIECES. This way the distance between each A PIECE will be no more than 5 inches. Otherwise, shoes may slip through the cracks.

Step 3: Wood floor protection for your shoe rack

Turn the shoe rack upside down. Sand the corners, then stick protective pads in place.

Tip: if you don't have wood floors, you can skip this step.

Step 4: How to use the shoe rack you built

By resting the first row of shoes on the floor, with only the heels sitting on the front of the wood frame, you can turn the shoe rack you built into a two-tiered one.

Next, place your remaining shoes on the shoe rack platform.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.

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