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How to build an open wood bookcase
How to Build
A Modern Wood Bookcase
This beautiful modern wood bookcase is made from 2x4 lumber and headless nails. You don’t need woodworking experience to build this beautiful wood bookcase yourself. In just a few hours you can complete this project and display your books or DVD’s on a modern wood bookcase that costs less than a hardcover book.

To build this open wood bookcase you will need the following tools:

1. Saw, to make straight cuts.
2. A box of 3” headless nails.
3. A hammer.
4. P-220 grit sandpaper.
5. Paint or stain.
6. Paint brush

To build this modern wood bookcase you will need the following materials:

1. For the shelves: 5 hardwood boards, 26” x 12”.
2. For the bookcase back supports: 6 2x4 lumber, 26” long.
3. For the bookcase side supports: 4 2x4 lumber, 8” long.
4. For the bookcase side frames: 4 2x4 lumber, 59” long.

Follow these steps to build your own open wood bookcase:

1. Put together the frame of the wood bookcase

Build two side frames for this open wood bookcase. Using the headless nails, attach two 59 inch long 2x4’s with the 8 inch long pieces at the top and bottom. This will create a long rectangle. Repeat this step to create the second rectangle for the opposite bookcase frame.

Next, hold the two rectangles upright, as if your bookcase is finished, and connect them at the back with the 26 inch long 2x4’s in the following order: (1) Nail the first 26” sections to the top and bottom of the rectangles, connecting them at right angles to form the outward shape of the bookcase. (2) Add the additional 26 inch 2x4’s at 7 inches intervals, for a total of 4 additional wood bookcase back supports.
How to build an open wood bookcase
2. Add the shelves to your modern wood bookcase

The 5 hardwood boards should fit snugly between the wood bookcase sides. You might have to spread the sides a little to squeeze the first board through. Each board will sit parallel to the floor to form a bookshelf. Nail the first bookshelf 3 inches below the top back support. Continue the same pattern, adding each shelf 3 inches below the back support, until all 5 shelves are attached.

3. Give your modern wood bookcase a stunning finish

Using P-220 grit sandpaper, sand the open wood bookcase to eliminate any elevation changes. Focus on areas where two parts meet. Ideally, your open wood bookcase will seem made from a single piece of wood when you’re done.

If you really want a fine finish, sand with the grain using P-320 grit sandpaper for a final polish. Then stain or finish your wood bookcase with shellac or lacquer. These products work best for all woodworking because they are easy to repair later on, should your modern bookcase suffer any wear and tear.

You can also create a chic modern look by painting the bookcase with stainless steel paint. In that case, you’ll need to prime it first. You can also use glossy red, white or black paint for a beautiful modern bookcase finish.

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