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How to Build a Bed Canopy
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Step #4. Build a Bed Canopy from Swag Hooks

If you are building a bed canopy from wood or metal, you will still need to learn how to use the swag hooks to suspend the canopy, so please don’t skip this section.

You can find swag hooks at the garden center of your home improvement store. You’ll find swag hooks in white, copper or black. Try to match the swag hooks to the bed canopy fabric and make sure you buy identical hooks for the entire project.

To build a bed canopy from swag hooks you’ll want to insert hooks from the ceiling in straight lines over the bed. Use a laser guide to help you place the swag hooks in straight lines. This will form an invisible frame over the bed from which you can then drape the canopy fabric.

If you are suspending a hard canopy frame, place 4 swag hooks in the ceiling at each corner of the frame. It’s a good idea to place the frame on the bed then use the laser guide to see where on the ceiling you should place a swag hook for each corner. Hang the canopy frame by tying small loops of rope from the corners of the canopy and suspend these from the swag hooks.

(Tip: if your frame is heavy, place a cluster of three swag hooks that face each other at each corner. This decorative solution will firmly secure the bed canopy you built over the bed.)

Step #5. Sew the Canopy Curtain

To sew the bed canopy cut the fabric to the right length (from ceiling to mattress). You’ll want to sew a total of 8 canopy curtains, 4 will fit half the width of the bed, and the other 4 half the length. Each side of the canopy will have 2 curtains that together will unite two halves into full coverage.

If you want to make the canopy beautiful from both sides, you’ll want to cut twice as much fabric then fold it over itself. You can then tuck the hems inwardly and sew a hemline that will secure the folds out of sight. In other words, you’ll end up with canopy curtains that look finished and perfect both front and back.

Step #6. Sew the Canopy Curtain Loops

The easiest and loveliest way to add curtain loops that will secure the canopy curtain to the canopy frame or the ceiling swag hooks is to use a thick silk ribbon. Cut ribbon strips and sew them to the top of the canopy curtains in sets of two (or just fold each in half). This will allow you to tie the bed canopy curtain to the canopy frame overhead.

If you are using swag hooks, position the silk curtain loops in at a distance that will allow you to tie them to the hooks. Be sure to allow the curtain canopy a little room to festoon between each swag hook (rather than stretch the canopy curtain).

Step #7. Sew Matching Curtains

After you’re done building the bed canopy, you can sew similar curtains for the windows. When the canopy or window curtains need to be opened in daytime, use silk ribbons to bunch the fabric, then open the ribbons at night to close the canopy around the bed. (Tip: It’s a good idea to sew the silk tie-backs in place on the inner-side of the canopy.

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