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Build a Cube Bookcase
How to Build a Cube Bookcase
This cube bookcase measures 37 inches long by 37 inches wide, and is 11 inches deep (37x37x11). The symmetry of the cubes lends this bookcase chic and modern appeal. Built from 1 inch thick hardwood, the bookcase is sturdy enough to hold heavy items, and yet has an open, airy feel to it thanks to the optional back.

No woodworking experience is needed to build this cube bookcase; however, accuracy is vital for a flush finish. Therefore, take your time understanding the instructions. It’s a good idea to draw the bookcase on paper as you read the instructions, just to make sure that you follow every step. Once you’re confident, you can start drilling into the wood, then assembling your beautiful cube bookcase.

What’s You’ll Need to Build Your Cube Bookcase

* 2 planks, 37x11x1 (A)
* 2 planks, 35x11x1 (B1)
* 2 planks, 35x11x1 (B2)
* 6 planks, 11x11x1 (C)
* 8 dowels, 2 inches long
* 8 dowels, 1 inch long
* 16 wood screws, 2 inches long
* Drill
* Hammer
* Wood Screws
Follow These Steps to Build Your Cube Bookcase

Step 1: Drill Holes in the Cube Bookcase Sides

In the 2 (A) planks, drill holes on the right and left length sides to form two parallel lines of holes. The holes diameter should be smaller than your screws, so as to form a tight fit once you assemble the cube bookcase.

Position the first set of hole on the first inch from the bottom of the plank. Position the next set of holes at 13 inches from the bottom. Position the third set of holes at 25 inches from the bottom. Position the last set of holes at 36 inches from the bottom (or on the first inch from the top).

Step 2: Drill Holes in the Cube Bookcase Top and Bottom

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