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How to Brighten Dark Rooms
With Decorating Tricks
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Brighten a Dark Room with a Pale Color Palette

Without mirrors or light, you can brighten a dark room by simply altering the color of the walls, ceiling and floors. The pale hues will reflect the existing light and intensify it, brightening the room naturally. Here are a few ideas for brightening the palette of your room from floor to ceiling.

1. Pale Walls

A badly lit room will look like a cave if its walls are dark as well. You can paint a light color over a dark wall and thereby brighten the room without having to commit to higher electrical bills for illumination. I find that the best way to cover a dark wall with a lighter paint is to use a water-based primer first. Here’s my bedroom makeover that changed my wall colors from autumn hues to pale sand.

2. Texture the Ceiling

Another way to brighten a dark room with paint is to give the ceiling the impression of being taller, less oppressive. This can be easily achieved by painting 2 rectangles on the ceiling, one inside the other using gradient shades. The effect mimics the light-and-shadow pattern of a tray ceiling. Here’s my faux tray ceiling in my old bedroom. For the step-by-step instructions, read my article: Create a Faux Ceiling Illusion.

3. Brighten the Floor

You’ll be amazed how a light colored rug will brighten a dark room. You can buy a cheap sisal rug at a home improvement center. You can also paint your floors with a simple faux pattern using garage floor paints.

Tip: Remember that bright rooms feel bigger, cleaner and more inviting. There's no need to settle for a dark room just because you have few windows or limited sunlight.

I hope you've found a bright idea here that will make your dark room the brightest spot in your home.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.


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