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How to Make a Compost Bin with Year Round Compost
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Step 4. Make the Compost Bin Separator

Measure the width and height of the compost bin to determine the size of the middle separator you need to build. Build a frame to those dimensions using presure-treated 2x4 lumber. Make sure to position the 4 inch sides in such a way that the frame will be 2 inch deep (and thus fit between the middle stakes in the compost bin you have built. Stretch chicken wire on the frame, on both sides.

Step 5. Slide the Separator in Place

Now that you’ve finished making your compost bin you can separate it into two bins, wihch will make turning the compost easier. Simply slide the bin separator between the middle stakes, then fill one side of the compost bin with compost, leaving the other empty. When you wish to turn the compost, you can shovel it over to the second compartment, or simply lift the separator..

Step 6. Make Compost Year-round

To make compost year-round first be sure to turn the compost pile regularly. Sprinkle the top with granular lime (found in nurseries and garden centers), and use a pitchfork to make turning the compost easier. As you mix, heat will escape the decomposing center. Mix the compost well to allow the dry, outer shell to mingle well with the inner mass.

When done mixing, create a small crater at the center of the compost pile. This will allow rain to collect and trickle inside. Your compost pile will remain soft and easy to turn next time and the decomposition process will be accelerated.

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