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How to Make a Compost Bin with Year Round Compost

When I bought my old house, I found a compost pile hidden in a smelly garden nook. Everything had rotted and had to be cleared away. Clearly, if I was going to make my own compost, I would also need to make a compost bin that will survive the constant rain of Washington State. decided to make a compost bin that will allow me to turn the compost your-round and prevent it from rotting. This way, I’d have ready compost for the Fall, Spring and anything in between.
How I Made My Compost Bin
In dryer climates I had managed to get away with constructing a simple wire compost bin by wrapping chicken wire around wooden stakes. But turning the compost regularly was difficult. Now that I lived in a wet region, I decided to take advantage of the rain and turn my compost pile more frequently. I needed to make a compost bin that will help me with the task.

I decided to make a compost bin with a firm frame and the option of an added compartment. To that end, I adapted a smart design I found on the University of Missouri’s website. To make my compost bin, just follow these steps.

Step 1. Drive the Corner Stakes

Decide on the size of compost bin you’d like to make then double your measurements, as if to make two bins back to back.  Drive pressure-treated 2x4 stakes into the ground at the corners of what will become your compost bin. Position the 4 inch sides in such a way that the frame of the compost bin will be 2 inch wide.

Step 2. Drive the Middle Stakes

At this point, the compost bin you’re making will appear to have a rectangular shape—in fact, it is two squares back to back. At the long sides of the rectangle drive the middle stakes as follows: For each side drive two stakes, leaving a distance of 3 inches between them. Remember to position the 4 inch sides in such a way that the frame of the compost bin will remain 2 inches wide.

Step 3. Stretch the Chicken Wire

Stretch chicken wire around the stakes that form the frame of the compost bin. I like to attach the chicken wire one stake at a time. I don’t mind if the chicken wire is a little loose, only that it be firmly attached. I find that twirling craft wire around the stakes and thus trapping the wire net is easiest. But you can also use nails or industrial strength staples.

Step 4. Make the Compost Bin Separator

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