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How to paint a faux brick floor or wall

How I Painted a Faux Brick Floor

Using three colors of garage floor paint, you can paint a faux brick floor on your driveway, porch or anywhere in your home (even on walls).

My new neighbors walked over to see why the builder added a brick porch to our house but not to theirs. They were amazed to realize that I had painted a faux brick floor, which looked quite real even up-close. Here's how I did It.

Check the Weather Before You Paint

When you paint a faux brick floor, remember first never to start an outdoors project unless the weather allows. Temperatures must be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And no rain in the forecast, please.

I Primed the Cement Floor

Before painting a fake brick pattern on my floor, I swept it thoroughly. Then, using a roller and a broom stick, I painted the cement floor with the primer, which is sort of syrupy in texture.

I Painted a Base Color

Once the primer dried, I could paint the faux brick floor. I began by painting the whole floor with a pale shade of sand, to act as my grout under the faux bricks, which I would paint next.

What I Used to Paint the Faux Bricks

After the base coat was dry, I was ready to start painting the faux brick floor. I used a rectangular sponge and three shades of garage floor paint: black, red brick and the sandy shade, which I had used as the faux grout.
Painting a fake brick floor

Preparing the Sponge for Painting the Fake Brick Floor

I poured a small amount of each paint shade onto a large painting tray. Then I dipped a different corner of the rectangular sponge in each. Next I smeared the sponge on a piece of cardboard to mix the colors a little.

How I Painted the Faux Brick Floor

Starting at the left top corner, I pressed the ready sponge on the painted cement floor to form my first faux brick. I refreshed the paint on the sponge and leaving a narrow crack after the first fake brick, I painted a second one. I continued until the whole line of faux bricks was painted.

How I Painted the Second Line of Faux Bricks

The key to painting a believable faux brick floor is in starting the second line correctly. Leaving a crack of faux grout under the top line of faux bricks, I rested half a sponge at the corner of the floor to start the second line of faux bricks. Thereafter, I painted all successive faux bricks in full. But the half brick at the beginning meant that the second row was half a brick off from the one above.

How I Painted the Fake Brick Floor Throughout

Now this pattern of odd and even rows, those that start with half a brick and those that start with a whole brick, must be preserved correctly when painting a faux brick floor. Luckily, it's easier than it sounds, because as you work you'll see the pattern growing before your eyes.

Tip for Painting the Faux Grout

As you paint your faux brick floor, always try to leave the crack between each brick in the same size as those before. As with a real brick floor, the grout won't be 100% symmetrical, but it will be close.

Protect the Faux Brick Floor You Painted

Once dry, be sure to seal the fake brick floor with a sealant. This will prolong the life of your paint job. Be sure to do this even for indoor floors, due to heavy foot traffic.

Tip: You'll find everything you need to paint a faux brick floor at home improvement or paint stores. Best of luck and have fun!

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