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How Can Furniture Color
Affect Living Room Decor?
Color more than shape or texture has an irresistible effect over our mood and perceptions. While red will create an impression of warmth and passion, cool watercolor shades will imbue us with the feel of a cool pool in a shady glen.

Furniture color, therefore, has a profound effect on the look and feel of your living room decor. Pillows can then act as accents or floating bubbles of color against the backdrop of your living room furniture. In the color palette displayed in this delicate, modern living room decor, faded greens, reds and coppers mingle together to create a warm, circular living room that invites and relaxes like a soft summer breeze.

By contrast, crimson living room furniture wraps the soul in warmth. European wicker furniture casts a spell of elegance over the room. An ornate stone fireplace rekindles memories of days long gone. A gilded mirror repeats the pattern of furniture placement, but doing so in opposite, stretching upward in elegance.

Bright with light, the windows fill the room with daylight subdued only by the almost medieval bunting-style valance. While the pool green rug underlies the scene in soothing coolness.

It is a living room ideal for warm summer afternoons and dreams of elegant European cities.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, where all colors become one, white living room furniture creates a blank canvas that highlights the minutest color displays. Every pillow stands out like a flower in the snow. While perfectly symmetrical black and white photography seems to speak as if the faces beyond were alive.

In this way the color of your furniture can affect your living room decor, creating different rooms as you play with different color schemes and ideas. I hope these images have colored the black and white images in your mind and inspired you to try something new in your living room decor.

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