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Ideas for Home Decorating
With Light
Discover the beauty of decorating your home with light, from sunlight to decorative lighting.

Home decorating with light takes illumination beyond functionality. By focusing on atmosphere, color and position, you can turn natural and artificial light into interior decorating tools. Each element of light then becomes an integral part of your interior decor, highlighting where needed, glossing over flaws elsewhere. In effect, light can make a room look larger or smaller, taller or shorter, inviting or functional. Follow these simple guidelines to make the most of interior decorating with light.

Home Decorating with Light Architecture

Good home decorating makes the best of a room's architecture, and light is one way to create illusions that the room's architecture is better than it is.

When a room is too large, pools of light can divide it into visually smaller areas. The trick to this interior decorating tip is to leave a space between the halos of light. Thus, the eye of the observer will take in each light spot as an individual location.

Conversely, if a room is too small, even illumination will make it seem larger. The trick to this interior decorating tip is to set your light fixtures low, so the halos reach to the ceiling but do not touch it.

Thus the room will look wider than taller, and hence bigger. By the same logic, a room that is too tall should also have low lights, while a room that is too high should have the opposite interior decorating light pattern.

Home Decorating with Light Positioning

When decorating your home with light, consider the position of your light elements. Begin by regulating the amount of natural light you permit to flow in through your windows or French doors.

Use blinds and curtains to mellow out these strong light points. Then create interior decorating focal points by positioning light fixtures at key places in each room. Strong light in one corner will highlight it from the rest.
Choose one strong point for each room, then supplement it with milder points all around. And be sure to illuminate all corners, even if dimly, to avoid pockets of morbid darkness.

Home Decorating with Light Hues

Decorating your home with light depends greatly on the color of the light. White light is cold and precise. Amber light is warm and soothing. Smart interior decorating takes the best of both worlds, utilizing each as needed.

For atmosphere and beauty, amber light bulbs or shades are best, as they will glaze over flaws and dirt, while granting a room a welcoming aura. Small light fixtures with white shades or neon bulbs can then supplement the room's illumination, to be turned on when strong light is needed.

An excellent interior decorating trick is to use low voltage bulbs. This way, you can keep the decorative light fixtures on at all times, to create pools of light in the room's decor.

Home Decorating with Mood Setting Light

Candlelight is an excellent mood setting light, while the candles themselves are excellent interior decorating elements.

Creating a Victorian chandelier candelabra is one way to combine the two in a striking manner. The important rule to remember, however, is that candle illumination should only supplement your interior decorating light.

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