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Create Home Decorating Beauty
With Fabrics and Rugs
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Simplicity Home Decor

Just as enchanting is home decor that removes colors in place of adding them. The room becomes a faded dream, a cloud where everything feels soft and soothing. Then every item of decor stands out clear and beautiful. Choose comfortable fabrics with pillows that are functional, not decorative. Keep it simple, plain and cozy, then showcase your favorite work of art as a centerpiece on your coffee table, or mounted on the wall.

Tactile Home Decor

Decorative fabrics and rugs not only please the eye but our sense of touch. Smooth, luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk feel smooth and relaxing. Yet each is different, silk feeling slippery smooth like water, while velvet feels textured and smooth--like the fine fur coat of an ermine.

Be sure to select your home decorating fabrics and rugs for their texture as well as their beauty. Then walking barefoot on your rug will feel like a soothing massage, as resting on a sofa or bed will feel like sleeping in the clouds or gliding down a rainbow.


All four home decor ideas discussed here are different, and yet each is beautiful in its own way. I hope you have discovered now ways of adding luxurious beauty to your  home decor. 

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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