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Create Home Decorating Beauty
With Fabrics and Rugs
Home decor beauty is easy to achieve when you think of your home as a blank canvas that you wish to paint a dream on. Every room offers new potential for decor ideas to explore. And every room can look unique. Here are a few beautiful home decor ideas to inspire and enchant your imagination.

Beautiful Home Decor Fabrics

Create a beautiful room by focusing on home decor fabricd. Look for Indian or Arabian silks and cottons that will add exotic beauty to your home decor. Accent wicker chairs, sofas or a bed with embroidered pillows. And rely on symmetry to give your home decor elegance and harmony.

Begin with a single home decor fabric that enchants you. Then follow its color palette, decorate your room with home decor crafted in those shades. Keep your floor, walls and blinds neutral, not to overpower your home decor fabrics. Then add small home decor items like vases or lampshades to enhance your color scheme further. The possibilities are endless when you decorate with exotic home decor fabrics.

Beautiful Home Decor Rugs

Let rugs be the focus of your home decor beauty. Keeping your wall tones bland and your floor pale, setting the stage for the charming beauty of home decor rugs.

Make each rug different, juxtaposing different colors with similar patterns; or reverse the logic and combine different patterns with identical colors.

Your furniture can continue this play of colors and patterns, so as to blend into the rugs as if the home decor is a sea of gorgeous patterns and hues on which everything is floating.

Finally, set your window treatments apart from your home decor rugs. Adhere to the dominant color of the rugs, but keep the window drapes devoid of pattern. In this way they will not compete with the room's decor; but neither will they fade away into the pale walls.   
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