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Hallway Floor Decorating Ideas

The floor in your hallway is the largest visual space your eye catches when glancing down the passage. For this reason, hallway floor decorating can determine how you see the space before you.

The floor can increase the visual length of your corridor, making a narrow hallway feel even more closed in. By the same token hallway floor decorating that seeks to alter your perceptions of the space can create the illusion that the hallway is longer or shorter, wider or narrower, more elegant or simple. In short, how your hallway looks is entirely up to the hallway floor decorating you choose.
One way to use hallway floor decorating to alter the perceived space is to use stripes in your carpeting or rugs. Thin, long stripes will create the impression that your hallway is long and thin. On the other hand, wide, width-wise stripes will make your hallway seem wider and shorter. Ideally, choose thin criss-crossing patterns in your rugs or carpets. This will add elegance to your hallway floor decorating.

If you have hardwood floors that you wish to leave uncovered, you can still create hallway floor decorating that will increase the beauty of the space. An inserted pattern in the wood is expensive to commission, but your can paint such a pattern onto your hardwood floor using a stencil and wood stain. Be sure to apply several coats and a sealer to make your hallway floor decorating long-lasting.

For linoleum  hallway floor decorating patterns can be drawn in the shape of squares as in the image below.
Use glossy floor paint and create a lighter color at the center of the square, surrounded by a dark border. This sharp change in colors will give your hallway floor decorating the prominence it needs to alter the perceived shape of the corridor.

For narrow long corridors, create rectangles instead of squares. For wide open hallways, consider painting an oval and displaying a round table with flowers at its center.

Ideas for glamorous hallway floor decorating abound in mansions and hotels, where hallways can be as large as rooms in ordinary homes. Despite their size, the same decorating rules apply in the hallways of mansions as in your home.

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