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Furniture Fabrics
Makes All the Difference
Upholstery Makes All the Difference to a Room's Decor!

The same sofa will look entirely different in different upholstery fabrics, like a woman would in a different dress. Consider looking at your next decorating project through the eyes of fabric.

Choose a slip of upholstery fabric and begin your decorating adventure with it. Golden browns, juxtaposed with copper plaids work perfectly with empire patterns and decorative tassels. Together they create an elegant palette. Without seeing it you can imagine the living room that would accompany this sofa and pillows. Gleaming antique furniture, gilded mirrors, heavy drapery and leather bound books, all speak of the elegance of a mansion, of the manor house on an English estate.
As different as snow is from gold, white leather furniture completes the elegance of this modern decor, creating a clean, open space image. We can already imagine the living room that would accompany this white leather sofa. Japanese lanterns, simple wood side-tables, orchids and symmetry.

Serenity is at the heart of this living room decor, and white leather furniture makes it possible. Unlike ordinary white fabric, leather will be easy to clean and will imbue the room with elegance that mere upholstery fabric will lack. It is the cleanliness of leather that belongs in this simple, symmetrical living room decorating style.

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