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Fun Porch Decorating ideas

Fun Porch Decorating Ideas

Add a little whimsy to your porch, but stay true to a color theme to give it a unified, fun appeal.

Decorating a porch is all about blue skies and fine weather. After all, who sits on a porch (decorated or otherwise) in mid-winter? Here are 4 fun porch decorating ideas that won't cost a fortune but will give your porch the whimsical look you desire.

Decorate Your Porch with Seashells

Look for a cheap side table at a garage sale or thrift store. Paint it in blue, then spread seashells over its top. If you collect the seashells yourself, this will make your porch decor more personal. Otherwise, look for seashells at craft stores.

Decorate Your Porch with Blue & Floral Pillows

For decorating you porch, outdoor pillows are ideal (and cheaper than home decorating ones). Buy plain blue pillows as accent pillows, then add floral pillows in blue or any other fun color you like, from red to orange or purple.

Decorate with a Fun Pitcher and Plates

Decorate your porch table with a blue pitcher and plastic blue plates. These will create the impression that you're read to sit down for a snack at any moment. You can keep the pitcher full of ice, so water or lemonade can remain cold in it all day, for whenever you decide to sit leisurely in your decorated porch.

Be Sure to Decorate with a Lantern

Since you're likely to enjoy your decorated porch on summer's eves, hang a lantern on a swag hook from the ceiling of your porch, or simply rest your lantern on the table. If you paint your lantern blue, it will match your decorated porch in style as well as spirit.

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