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Fun Easter Decorating Ideas

Fun Easter Decorating Ideas

Here are a few fun Easter decorating ideas I've loved since childhood. And kids love to help make them, so invite the whole family to join in the holiday decorating fun.

Easter Goblets

Take ordinary wineglasses and tie a pink silk ribbon around the top of the stem. Next, buy Easter stickers and adhere them to your wineglasses. Kids love to help with this simple Easter decorating idea, so invite them to join the fun. Finally, why not use the leftover Easter stickers on your window panes too, especially the ones facing the street?

Shimmering Easter Eggs

I love to decorate with chocolate Easter eggs wrapped in beautiful, colorful foil. To add to this glimmer, I take big foil wrapped Easter eggs and wrap them in cellophane paper (you can buy a roll at craft stores). Then I bunch up the cellophane at the top and tie it together with a pink Easter ribbon.

Use this fun Easter decorating idea to create gifts for friends, or display a collection of cellophane wrapped eggs in a pink basket on your kitchen table.

Feral Easter Egg Display

Go to a pet store and look for imitation logs at the aquarium section. Display your logs in a basket, then scatter Easter eggs between them. Add a few fluffy bunnies or chicks to complete the fun. This is a fun Easter decorating idea that you can use in a child’s room.

Easter Candles

Crack large eggs in the middle. Wash the shells clean then place them in egg cups. Next, adhere white candles to the eggs (by dripping a little melted wax). Finally, fill the egg shells with pink confetti. It’s a fun Easter decorating idea that looks great on your Easter table.

Easter Lemon Beauty

Fill a glass jug with yellow lemons. Tie a huge pink and yellow silk ribbon on the handle, then display this fun Easter decorating idea as a centerpiece or on a windowsill, where the sun can shine through the yellow lemons.

Yummy Bunny

Buy different sized chocolate bunnies wrapped in beautiful Easter foil. Display your bunnies in descending heights on a cake tray. It’s a fun Easter decorating ideas that kids love to devour.

Easter ornaments

Make a small hole at the top and bottom of a real egg. Blow out the contents of the egg. Once hollow, slip fishing twine through the bottom hole and out the top.

Tie a knot to keep the twine in place. Now spray paint your egg in fun hues. Create many eggs then tie them from your chandelier or over windowsills. It’s a fun Easter decorating idea I learned from my grandmother.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.

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