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Front Door Decorating Ideas

Your front door is like the smile on your face—it’s the first thing people notice about you. When I bought my home, the porch and front door looked more like a frown than a smile. So used a few door decorating tips to spruce it up. Here they are, and a handful of ideas I’ve used in my previous homes.

Door Frame

Highlight your door with a frame. Buy cheap window casing (that isn’t profiled), cut the corners at 45 degree angles and build a frame around your door. You can also simplify the project if you buy a pre-cut door casing set and nail it around your front door. Paint the frame in a bright color like white.

Door Paint

Choose a glossy paint for decorating your front door and a color that meshes with the rest of your home. In our neighborhood there’s a beautiful gray home with a lime-colored front door. The combination simply doesn’t work. Stick with conventional colors. And if you want to be special, choose dark colors like eggplant or blue. Dark colors will look good on a door, where light ones will seem to scream at passersby.


Display plants near your front door, on the porch, hanging from the eaves or anywhere that works for you. Display the plants in beautiful planters, and choose flowers in bright colors like red or purple. Deep colors will become powerful focal points when your home is seen from a distance.

Planter waterfall

If you have porch stairs, display small planters on the stairs. Choose bright ceramic pots in a color that matches your home. Plant flowers or evergreen English ivy, and display the pots on either side of each step. This waterfall of plants will give your front door a lush appeal.

Door Knocker

In my current home, I have an etched window insert at the center of my door. But when I used to have a plain front door, I always choose a beautiful door knocker for it. Decorating your front door with a door knocker gives you the chance to make a personal statement. Metal knockers come in every style from cats to bears, gargoyles to fairies. And you can find door knockers in colorful designs as well. Check out auction sites, online stores or garage sales.


It seems that the more colorful a doormat is, the faster it will fade in the sun. So I look for a new doormat every year. It’s a fun way to dress up my front door in a different way. And it allows me to buy a moderately-priced doormat from my home improvement store rather than spend a fortune on a doormat that may or may not hold up better.

Whimsical Decor

In the flower pot beside your front door, insert a hooked garden pole. Hang a lantern from the poll or a wind chime. Or hang glass butterflies or glass fish. Another way to decorate your front door flower pots is to insert small glass globes into them, the kind that come on sticks. These balls of color will become beautiful focal points.

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