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Entryway Remodeling Ideas

When I bought my old home, my entryway was gloomy and ugly. It was plain that some serious entryway remodeling was needed, from the flying saucer light fixture overhead to the ugly, faded tile below. But remodeling my entryway was going to be a lot more difficult than I first imagined.

Discover the enchanting entryway remodeling ideas that I used, how I discovered the steps, and how you can do them yourself.

Remodeling My Entryway Window

The first thing I changed in my entryway was the side window. Plain glass left my entryway open to prying eyes from the street. I wanted complete privacy and added beauty. I remodeled the entryway glass with frosted glass paint. It was easy and took less than ten minutes.

To remodel your entryway window and add enchanting beauty to plain glass, simply cover the window frame with painter's tape, then keep the door open for ventilation, and spray paint the glass with frosted glass paint. Keep the spray paint can at a distance of 12 inches from the glass, paint in circular motions, and apply a thin coat at first. You can always add more privacy with more frosted glass paint if you so desire.

Remodeling My Front Door

The front door was brown, faded and ugly. I remodeled the door by replacing the old, thin casing with modern, profiled door casing, which I cut at 45 degree angles at the top to form the door frame.

I also remodeled the entryway base molding by replacing it with modern profiled molding. I then painted everything white, including the stair ledge that supported the stair-rail. I hung a door ornament outside over the glass window in the door, to complete the privacy remodel of my entryway.

In the image below, you can see my entryway remodel in mid-stage. The door has been remodeled, but the base molding is missing. And the ledge beneath the banister is still a faded, ugly brown.

Remodeling My Floors

When I started remodeling my floor, I was hoping to salvage it. But the tiles were old and tarnished. Worse still, the grout was filthy. Though I used heavy duty grout cleaners, and finally even attempted to bleach the tarred grout, I was not happy with the results. Even so, it took me two years longer to save the money needed to replace the tiles and carpeted stairs, with hardwood floors.

Remodeling My Banister

In the meantime, I remodeled my entryway banister with a little simple woodworking. Removing the old hardwood boards, I bought new wood, cut it down to size, then cut the end at a chic 45 degree angle. I then conditioned the banisters, then finished them in cherry wood stain.

Remodeling My Entryway Accessories

To save money, I used an old mirror I found in the garage and turned it into a beautiful entryway mirror. Using screws at the back of the mirror, I hung it with a lighting chain (the kind used to conceal lighting cables when suspending light fixtures).

I screwed hooks into the base of the mirror, for hanging keys and hats. I found the beautiful little table at a pharmacy closeout, and the hat rack was found in a garage sale. Finally, I created wall art from old calendar images.

Add Entryway Pizzazz to Your Front Door

Here's an entryway remodeling idea that I created on my computer to see what a little colorful pizzazz would do for my entryway. I haven't tried it in real life yet, but I will. And as to the light fixture in my hallway remodel, I rented a tall ladder so as to reach the top of the 35ft entryway ceiling.

I replaced the flying saucer with a Home Depot light fixture that was on sale because it was so bare. I then added beaded lampshades to the chandelier stems to give my cheap entryway chandelier the beauty of a Victorian chandelier.

Comments? Questions? Drop me a line.
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