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Easiest Faux Painting Technique in the World

Use this Sea Sponge Faux Painting on your dining room walls, kitchen cabinets or worn fireplace, to give old surfaces a dramatic appeal.

Faux painting is a simple way to add elegance and sophistication to your walls, and sea sponge faux painting is the easiest way to do it. A sea sponge has many holes and bumps, which let you blend colors easily as you work.

Sea sponge faux painting does not require pre-painting your wall with a base color. Nor do you have to paint a whole room at once. Just work at your pace, applying sea sponge faux painting as you go. It’s easy and fun to do, and the results are striking. (You can even refurbish a soot-covered, rusty fireplace by using sea sponge faux painting to create a faux painting brick design.)

As you may have guessed, the main ingredient in sea sponge faux painting is a sea sponge. You can find a sea sponge at paint stores, like Home Depot. If you want your sea sponge faux painting to look rough, then choose a rough sea sponge. If you want the wall texture to look more smooth, choose a finer sea sponge.

Sea sponge faux painting works with any type of paint: flat, gloss, enamel paints or other types. While faux painting with a sea sponge, you will be blending three colors together: Your dominate color, a much paler version of it, and a third contrast color. It’s best to choose your colors for sea sponge faux painting from the color cards available at paint stores. This way you can be sure that your three colors will compliment each other as you blend them with your sea sponge faux painting.

Begin your faux painting with your medium color (the paler version of the dominate color). Just dip your sea sponge in the can of paint, then dab the wall in a few places, leaving blank spots between each dab. Sea sponge faux painting relies on your leaving such blank spots.

Next, dip your sea sponge in your dominate color and dab the wall in the blank spaces, filling them in. Then dip again in your first color and blend the two color dabs here and there. Finally, dip your sea sponge in your contrast color and dab very little through your painted dabs. To give your faux painting a smoother finish, feel free to go back to each can of paint and dab with your sea sponge here and there until you like what you see.

There’s no right or wrong with sea sponge faux painting. Use your imagination and trust yourself. In the end, a wall painted with sea sponge faux painting will have texture and beauty that a simple wall cannot possibly have.

Use this easy faux painting technique to refurbish a rusty, soot-covered fireplace.

See the before and after pictures, and learn how my old brick fireplace was given a facelift with this simple faux painting technique and a little plywood to conceal ugly wood trim.

A rougher sea sponge was used on the bricks, while a delicate sea sponge was used above, on the plywood, to imitate the texture of the room's walls, without having to actually plaster the walls to match.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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