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Door Knocker Decorating Ideas

They’re just so much fun. Door knockers seem to come in every size and shape, making it easy for us to make a personal statement about our home. If you’re looking for door knocker decorating ideas, consider the following.

Ornate Classic Door Knockers

Like the door knockers on European castles or cathedral doors, ornate classic door knockers are made of heavy metal, such as cast iron. They may come in decorative patterns of curlicues or vines and many have Gothic motifs. Accordingly, such door knockers may be gilded, or they may have a rusty appeal. If you’re a romantic at heart and a lover of every-Europe, this door knocker decorating idea is for you.

Marble or Stone Door Knockers

Simple and elegant, marble or stone door knockers denote permanence. They’re the kind of door knockers you’d expect to find on Provencal stone villas. A door with such a knocker must be surrounded by green plants year-round, with ivy spilling down to the floor. If you love the Tuscan landscape and want to capture it in your home, this door knocker decorating idea will cast its spell on you.

Fantasy Door Knockers

Some are made with colored plastic or even glass, others are made from various metals; but all fantasy door knockers share the beauty of the mythical. For the lovers of the darker side of fairytales, there are gargoyles, dragons and monstrous faces. For lovers of Midsummer’s Night Dream, there’s a wide choice from fairy door knockers to winged horses. If you love The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and wish to enter it as you enter your home, this door knocker decorating idea is the magical one for you.

Religious Door Knockers

Some are made of the image of Christ on the cross, others display a favorite biblical verse; but one thing unites all religious door knockers—that they share a beautiful sentiment or an important message with anyone who comes knocking on that door. You’ll find many religious door knockers in metal, but if you search a little harder you’ll find colorful ones too. So if religious gives you strength and guides your life, a religious door knocker will stamp your door with the mark of your faith.

Animal Door Knockers

Animal lovers find them irresistible. But animal door knockers have more to say than our pets. Animal symbolism identifies wisdom with the owl, luck with a fish or elephant, or strength with a bear. Choosing an animal door knocker can be the same as blessing the home with a special quality. And, of course, pet lovers always go to pieces when they find a door knocker of their own dog or cat breed. So if you love animals, what they signify, or the role they play in your life, this door knocker decorating idea will warm your heart.

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