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Door decorating ideas
Door Decorating Ideas
Where does it say that doors must have no door decorations? Keeping a door all white or brown is all very well, but a little door decorating can really add pizzazz to your home decor.

For ugly, plain doors especially, door decorating can be the difference between drab and stunning. Old doors that have no panels can be given the illusion of panels by drawing rectangles with a different color over the door. Such door decoration will trick the eye into seeing what isn't there.

Even doors that have panels but are just plain and boring can benefit from a little door decorating. In this picture you can see my front door as it would look if I were to paint the panels in blue, then add door decorating to the casing as well with a matching paint. By painting the casing around the adjacent window, the door decor is enhanced and unified, lending the entryway a playful, charming appeal.

Door decor can be simpler too. You've seen "Welcome" plaques hung on front doors facing out, but why not hang some door decor inside as well? Door decorating can be fun but non-committing if you hang mirror art, lattice work, or iron wall decor over the door. If you don't like the door decor you can remove it, or change it with the seasons.

Even if your door has a window at its center you can still hang door decor over it, just be sure to use art that lets in light, like stained-glass windows or garden landscape edging that you can turn into cheap door decoration.

You can even paint a mural over flat doors that have no panels, like pocket doors. The simplest door decorating mural involves painting an abstract, willow-like tree. Begin by painting a brown stem that loops and droops at the top. Then paint drooping leaves.
Faux paint the surrounding area to create a dreamy landscape appeal.

In short, have fun decorating your doors as you would a wall, and your home decor will be that much more beautiful for it.

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